Make the Most of a Craft Show With These Tips

Many people across the country are looking for ways to make money outside of the typical
9-to-5. One way to do this is by selling at craft and vendor shows. Attending a craft show
can be a great way to practice your skills and introduce yourself to new customers.

Selling at craft and vendor shows can be intimidating, especially if you’re inexperienced.
From setting up your booth to marketing yourself and your business to packing up when
it’s over, here are the basics of how to sell at craft and vendor shows. Don’t forget to let
Noisia Display take care of your display needs!

How to Prepare
Preparation is the key to any project. To prepare for a craft show, you need to decide what
type of show to attend, what to bring, and how to set up your stand. Additionally, you
should find an excellent method to manage your inventory.

What to Bring
Most craft and vendor shows will send out a list of what you should bring. As a rule, you
should invest in these items:

• A stable table to display your items
• A comfortable chair to sit in
• Refreshments and water
• An extension cable if you need electricity
Posters, signage, and decorations from Noisia Display
• A supply of cash to make change with
A portable credit card machine

How to Set up and Mark Your Stand
One of the most important parts of selling at a craft show is displaying your work. You’ll
need to decide how to set up your booth or table and then create signage or other items
visible to prospective customers without being too distracting.

When setting up for a show, make sure to organize your work in an attractive way. Arrange
it in rows according to the type of pieces you’re selling. For example, jewelry pieces should
be displayed on a table or divided into sections for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Pricing Tips
To determine the price of your items, estimate how much time it takes you to make each
one. Take into account your profit margin, and do some research on the prices of similar

It’s essential to price your items appropriately. Prices should be set according to the
market value of similar items, which you can find on sites like Etsy and eBay.

Taxes for Market Vendors
To track any amount owed in business or sales taxes, keep accurate inventory and sales
records. Apps and other accounting software that generate invoices and receipts, process
sales, track inventory, and book expenses can help automate the process and prevent
surprises during tax season.

If your craft business takes off, think about registering as an LLC in California. This type of
company has several advantages, such as limited personal liability, tax benefits, less
paperwork, and increased flexibility. You could hire a lawyer to handle the paperwork for a
hefty fee, or save money by doing it yourself or by using a business formation service at a
reduced cost.

Get Ready for Your First Market
By following these tips, you can ensure the best possible experience for yourself and your
customers when selling at craft and vendor shows. Make sure you’re prepared with a good
marketing plan and everything you need in advance.

By Teresa Greenhill

Black-Owned Businesses in Orange County

As we continue to fight for justice in America, change must start within our own communities. Here is a list on Black-Owned Business we can support in Orange County!


Amour Propre
Mission Viejo, 562-335-5947

Aosa Coffee
Huntington Beach, 714-840-5700

Arts & Learning Conservatory
Costa Mesa, 714-728-7100

Beale’s Texas BBQ
Huntington Beach, 562-588-3070

Carla Rae Photography

C Dobbs
Newport Beach, 949-427-2321

CCC Acting Studio
Garden Grove, 714-710-1053

Cloud 9 Bakers
San Juan Capistrano, 949-388-8311


Flawless Wedding Events

Fork in the Road Catering
Costa Mesa, 562-252-6923

Georgia’s Restaurant
Anaheim, 714-906-1900

Gram’s Kitchen
La Palma, 657-255-4036

Hambone’s BBQ Bar & Grill
Huntington Beach, 714-968-1261

Iron Catering Crew
Costa Mesa, 888-641-8187

K.O. Dog Training
San Juan Capistrano,

Laguna Candles
Laguna Beach, 949-680-8444

Lucky Black Skin Solutions

Made by Yub
Costa Mesa, 562-354-1331

McClain Cellars
Laguna Beach, 805-426-4441

Munchies Diner
Santa Ana

Naughty Panda
Santa Ana

Noisia Display
Irvine, 858-927-4128

Protein Lab
Buena Park, 714-503-0775

Rock City Climbing
Anaheim Hills, 714-777-4884

Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles
Anaheim, 714-823-4130

Sandra Johnson Designs
Anaheim Hills

Sporty Cuts
Irvine, 949-387-2444

Studio C Florals
Newport Beach, 949-400-1951

The Fuel Shack
San Clemente, 949-388-4015

The Nest
Garden Grove

Tico Rico
San Clemente

Tribute Coffee House
Garden Grove, 714-852-3005

The Wax & Sugar Skin Boutique
San Clemente, 949-391-2279

Credit: Orange Coast Mag : Michelle Pagaran, Astgik Khatchatryan and Chelsea Raineri

Here is a Google spreadsheet of other local Black-owned restaurants organized by O.C. food influencers @lovetram and @nonstopeats.

Graduation Banners

Due to Covid-19 graduation ceremony’s have been canceled. But that does not mean we shouldn’t celebrate the special moment with our loved ones. We got a message from Gerren about supplying a banner for Shawnese’s drive by graduation celebration and we were thrilled to be a part of Shawnese’s special moment.

The banner was designed and approved for production in the same day. Printed, sewn and grommet-ed the next day and even with a tight deadline, the graduation banner arrived 2 days ahead of schedule. Thank you Gerren for trusting us with your banner. Congratulations Shawnese! We are sending much love, success, and prosperity your way!

Here is what GP had to say about ordering with us!

Social distancing with friends

The hardest part of social distancing has been distancing ourselves from friends. After almost 2 months of not physically seeing one another, we decided to meet at the Craig Regional Park and remain 6ft apart. It wasn’t much different from our regular hang outs but we definitely felt the pressure to remain 6ft apart. I should have taken more pictures but hey, something is better than nothing.

Cream and Navy Nike Cortez grass

WTF is Noisia Display®?

Now that majority of the cookie cutter business setup stuff is out of the way, I am taking some time to officially add some seasoning to this master piece I like to call Noisia Display®. Everyone that personally knows me is probably thinking, “Oh, ok, this is Cameron’s t-shirt printing business he’s always yapping about.” and those of you who don’t know who I am are probably wondering why you are even reading this in the first place. For those who don’t know me and are here out of pure curiosity, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I know how easy it is click out of this, hop on Tik-tok, and watch Charlie Damelio do a watered down Tik-tok dance. (We like to have fun here.) For those who do know me, yes. This is my t-shirt printing company… and more. So much more that t-shirt printing has become the opening act rather than the main event.


There are so many experiences and things that I want to share with the world that aren’t even print related. That Is why I am starting this blog. I know they say you should stick with your niche but the printing industry doesn’t really have an authentic niche following, unless you are a printer yourself. If we were to go to the biggest and baddest print shop’s website or social media accounts they are just showing off what they can do and trying to sell you their products. No one has really shared their story, how they got there, where they’re going, their successes, their failures, their likes and their dislikes. I want to use this blog to create more than just a “look what we can do” theme. I want to help, inspire, educate and entertain people. So, to answer your question…What is Noisia Display®? Noisia Display® is an untold story.